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Making a lasting and positive impact is a significant part of our culture. Amerisure employees donate extensive time and resources to causes they are passionate about, and the company matches employee contributions to a range of charities, sponsors outreach efforts, and supports nonprofit organizations through the Amerisure Charitable Foundation.

The Foundation


Amerisure Charitable Foundation Contributions to Nonprofit Organizations in 2022.

At Amerisure, we have a unique opportunity as business leaders to create value in the communities where we live and work. Lending support to charities throughout the country, the Amerisure Charitable Foundation is committed to improving the quality of life for people of all ages through philanthropy and volunteerism.


Amerisure Charitable Foundation, Inc. supports nonprofit organizations that positively impact the lives of people in communities served by Amerisure employees, board members, Partners For Success® agencies and policyholders.


Working through the Amerisure Charitable Foundation or with one of our Core Service Centers, employees volunteer by giving their time at events, building homes, mentoring at-risk youth, and providing leadership guidance.

Areas of Focus for the Amerisure Charitable Foundation

Our goal is to enhance the lives of people in the communities where our employees, board members, Partners For Success® agencies and policyholders live and work. By looking out for each other, we all win together.


Founded in 2005 as a Michigan nonprofit corporation, the Amerisure Charitable Foundation partners with numerous organizations throughout the country where our employees, board members, policyholders and Partners For Success® agencies are actively involved.


In 2020, Amerisure employees joined the Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation (IICF), to walk, run and step to raise funds for the IICF Children’s Relief Fund. The six-week event was an industry wide challenge to help vulnerable children struggling with food insecurity and other risks exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic.


The Amerisure Charitable Foundation pledged $100,000 to support coronavirus relief within Amerisure’s operating regions.


Matching Gift Program

Our contribution program matches each regular full-time employees’ qualified donations up to $1,000 per year. Eligible organizations include nonprofits that enhance the economic or social environment in communities where employees, Partners For Success® agencies and policyholders reside. This can include colleges, foundations, community groups, culture and the arts, health and human services, and industry associations – and it offers an opportunity to double the impact of our employees’ efforts.

Amerisure Scholarship Program

Administered through Scholarship America, the annual program provides support to Amerisure employees for the costs associated with student post-secondary undergraduate education, including tuition, fees, books, supplies and equipment. Last year, five children of Amerisure employees were awarded $1,000 each through the Amerisure Scholarship Program. Each student was selected based on their outstanding academic achievements. We are proud to support our employees’ children and encourage their diverse academic pursuits.

“Our approach to philanthropy and volunteerism is designed to balance the needs in the community with the passion of our employees and partners. Because we believe so strongly in supporting our communities, as a company, we designate a percentage our profits to the Amerisure Charitable Foundation. We are proud of the difference we are able to make.”

Greg Crabb

President and Chief Executive Officer,
Amerisure Insurance Company

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Areas of Focus for the Amerisure Charitable Foundation

The focus on these organizations allows employees to volunteer in a variety of Company-sponsored activities and enrich the lives of those in our communities.

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The Amerisure Charitable Foundation supports many organizations focused
on improving the lives of people of all ages in the communities we serve:

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