Fraud Prevention

Keeping an eye on your bottom line with the prevention of insurance fraud.


Risk Management

Fraud Prevention

Annual Audit

When it Comes to Fraud Prevention, We Deliver.

Special Investigation Unit

Our Special Investigation Unit (SIU) assists policyholders in mitigating fraud-related claim costs through a comprehensive fraud-fighting program.

Highly Trained Experts

Our experienced investigators use the latest technology and fact-finding techniques to detect, deter, and prosecute
insurance fraud.

Problem Resolution

When the facts of a claim don’t add up, Amersure’s SIU acts immediately, working closely with our agents, policyholders and claims department to resolve the issue.

Fraud Prevention to Help Protect Against:

Alleged workplace injuries that happened at home
A malingering employee
A staged slip and fall
A medical provider who pads a bill

Consider our other comprehensive services:

Risk Management

Analysis of potential risks plus customized, innovative solutions

Annual Premium Audit

Comprehensive assessments to establish the appropriate premium

Workers’ Compensation

Insurance that provides benefits to employees with work-related injuries

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