Amerisure Employees Continue to Put Their Stamp on the Industry

February 2, 2023

In the average welding shop, you’ll find combustible gases, bright flashes of light, sparking metal droplets, and temperatures in excess of 6,500 degrees Fahrenheit. This paints a very different picture from the day job of John Scordato, Marketing Underwriting Specialist with Amerisure Programs (AMP). In his role with AMP, John not only works to design comprehensive coverages that protect exposures in select industries—predominantly gas and welding—he also helps to strengthen the company’s focus on being experts in the industries we protect.

John Scordato, welding certificate, AMP
John Scordato earning his welding certificate

To that end, in the summer of 2022, John embarked on an exciting new venture – the pursuit of a Fundamentals of Welding certificate at Scott Community College in his native Iowa. “It was a little intimidating at first because, truthfully, I’m not even that handy around the house,” John admits, jokingly. “But I thought it was a unique opportunity to build a new skillset that will ultimately be helpful in underwriting gas and welding business.”

As recommended by John’s supervisor, Senior Vice President of Amerisure Programs, Rob Sedlak, coursework started with a 10-hour OSHA class followed by six hands-on welding classes, complete with a virtual reality welding machine to help students get acclimated to various welding processes, joint positions, and other situations they may face in a welding workshop.

“I was open-minded to the idea, and as Rob and I talked about it more, I realized how valuable this training could be,” said John. Donning all the necessary PPE – including a welding mask, jacket, gloves, and boots for grinding, plasma cutting, and welding, John balanced his regular workdays at Amerisure with daytime and evening classes in a welding workshop.

John Scordato, welding certificate, AMP
John welds aluminum using a special tool

“It was like learning a whole new language,” he explains. “I learned all of the lingo, like how to read blueprints and directions from engineers. Moving forward, this expertise will be valuable in helping AMP craft the best solutions for our client’s needs.”

One place where John was able to showcase his expertise was at the annual GAWDA (Gases & Welding Distributors Association) Convention this past October. “I believe I was the only insurance underwriter there with first-hand knowledge and experience,” John says. “It gives us credibility and a real edge when talking to potential new customers to show that Amerisure can offer something that other companies simply don’t have. Not only that, it highlights that we’re a team of dedicated experts who go the extra mile to continue to transform the insurance experience.”

What’s next for John?  He’ll be able to leverage this knowledge along with his Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) designation and prior experience. “­I’d also like the opportunity to continue to strengthen my new skillset,” he explains. “I’m looking into getting a part-time welding job with my brother in law’s business—even if it’s just 10-15 hours a week—to stay informed and engaged.”

He goes on: “AMP has always differentiated itself by working to truly understand the unique risk characteristics of a particular industry in order to provide innovative insurance solutions designed to outperform industry standards. I’m confident that my newfound knowledge will serve this mission well.”

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