Security Guard & Alarm Installation

Through our exclusive partnership with Venture Agency Holdings, the Amerisure Programs (AMP) division offers coverage options for security guards and alarm installers.

Security Guard & Alarm Installation

Venture Agency Holdings (MI) is a leading provider of security and alarm insurance. AMP takes a holistic approach by working closely with Amerisure’s risk management and claims teams to craft the best solutions to meet the client’s needs. This, in conjunction with Venture Program’s deep expertise, as a leading risk management & insurance solutions provider in the United States (measured in premium volume) for security guard and alarm installation businesses, makes the team uniquely qualified to deliver superior service.

  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Property
  • Commercial Automobile
  • Safety assessments
  • Online risk management resources
  • Evolved safety videos
  • Cost-sharing programs for safety resources
  • Motor vehicle reports
  • Telematics
  • Cellphone blocking technology
  • Online claims management
  • Easy claim reporting
  • SureClaims™ Service Experience
  • Four-point contact on lost time Workers’ Compensation Claims
  • Focus on early return-to-work
  • Quarterly claims reviews (for qualified policyholders)
  • SureConnect™ – access to policy and billing documents, claims, risk management and reporting 
  • Easy invoice payment
  • Coverage review
  • Benchmarking study
  • Flexible payment options
  • Online payroll reporting

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