With Amerisure, policyholders can be confident in the claims process and know they will experience direct communication and a collaborative approach.


Risk Management

Fraud Prevention

Annual Audit

When it Comes to Superior Claims Service, We Deliver.

SureClaims™ Experience

Our claim service experience focuses on timely communication and collaboration demonstrated by our industry-leading customer satisfaction scores.

Lifecycle Handling

As part of our focus on exceptional and seamless service, expert claims representatives stay connected with you throughout the lifecycle of the claim.

Customized Support

Our partnership-driven approach to claims handling means you know what to expect in a smooth and reliable process that is connected to your unique needs.

Claim Services

Workers’ Compensation Claims Management

We put our experience and expertise to work to help implement smart Workers’ Compensation claim cost reduction programs.

On-Demand Claim Information

Policyholders have access to an innovative digital portal for submitting claims and reviewing up-to-date claim status information.

Digital First Notice of Loss

Amerisure policyholders have access to SureConnect® for easy-to-use claim reporting 24/7. The user-friendly digital first notice of loss interface automatically assigns a claim number upon submission for policyholder convenience.

Additional Services to Support your Needs

No hidden fees – net savings are passed on to the file.
Complex claim management resources with specific expertise.
makes fighting fraud a high priority.
Promotes quick and easy communication with our claim professionals.
Injured workers can choose from push to debit, ACH, or a virtual claims card (as permitted by state law).

Consider our other comprehensive services:

Fraud Prevention

Mitigation, prevention, and efficient response to any fraud situation

Risk Management

Analysis of potential risks plus customized, innovative solutions

Annual Premium Audit

Comprehensive assessments to establish the appropriate premium

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Only the best agencies — industry experts that have proven success in the marketplace and uphold the values of our partnership — represent Amerisure.