Inland Marine Insurance

Unique coverages for products and materials while they are transported.

Inland Marine Solutions

Inland Marine is designed to cover property in transit over land, certain moveable property, property under construction, instrumentalities of transportation and communication, legal liability coverage for motor carriers or bailees, and computerized equipment. Consider this coverage to help protect:

Covers tools and equipment a contractor uses to complete a project.

Coverage for materials and supplies that a contractor is installing, constructing, or rigging as part of an installation or construction project until they are installed and the job is considered complete.

Supplemental coverage designed to protect computers and data.


Coverage to protect property while in the course of transit.

Inland Marine Floater Policies

  • Coverage without regard to the location of the covered property
  • Generally broader than property coverage forms
  • Relative freedom from rate and form regulation of inland marine insurance
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Coverage Benefits

  • Valuable insurance to protect your most valuable assets
  • Remove uncertainty when transporting goods and materials
  • Eliminate uncertainty when your equipment is on a job site or in transit
  • Fewer endorsements needed due to built-in coverages

Our Inland Marine Coverage

Our inland marine insurance policies can be tailored to meet your needs, providing:

Coverage Confidence

Protection that can be tailored to fit your specific business needs and will be there for your business when it is needed most.

Built-in Flexibility

Coverage is designed to be competitive and flexible. The pricing is tailored specifically to fit the exposures and coverages of your business.

Services that Matter

Our products, coupled with the expertise of our employees and commitment to delivering superior service, help keep your business free of costly interruptions.

National Scale with a Local Presence

Our robust suite of products allows us to provide flexible solutions designed to address the unique needs of each business we serve across the country.

Looking for additional lines of coverage?

For other lines of coverage, both the Contractors Advantage Program® (CAP) and Manufacturers Advantage Program® (MAP) provide policyholders the flexibility to tailor broader coverage and higher limits coupled with our superior service.

Commercial Auto Liability Broad Form
Commercial General Liability Blanket Additional Insured
Commercial General Liability Extension
Commercial Property Liability Enhancement
Commercial Umbrella Liability Extension
Employee Benefits Liability Coverage
Repair and Rework Expense Indemnification Coverage
Fuel/Lubricant Pollution Incident Auto Liability Reimbursement Coverage
Limited Pollution Reimbursement – Work Sites
Manufacturer’s Errors and Omissions
Product Recall Coverage
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