Annual Premium Audit

Amerisure’s annual premium audit service helps establish the appropriate premium for your business through a comprehensive assessment of business activities, ensuring the premium you pay for coverage accurately reflects your business operations.


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Annual Premium Audit

When it Comes to Annual Premium Audits, We Deliver.

Straightforward Processes

An audit provides a clear picture of your actual premium bases (payroll/sales) which is used to determine the final premium for the policy.

Skilled Premium Auditors

Your customer-focused premium audit consultant is a specialist who will ensure the premium you pay for coverage accurately reflects your business operations.

Timely & Accurate Reviews

Our annual premium audit reviews are timely, accurate and fair, helping you plan for and manage your overall insurance expenses.

Operations Review

An Amerisure premium auditor will schedule an appointment to begin a simple and straightforward process that reviews your:

Financial Records
Registers and Ledgers
Tax Reports and Journals
Business Operations

During the consultation, a determination of business activities and variable exposures is gathered, including individual and departmental duties and responsibilities as well as potential subcontracted labor liabilities. Once complete, adjustments are made to help ensure your final premium reflects any changes in your operations or premium bases.

Annual Premium Audit Resources

As business operations change, so may your insurance premium. Review these resources to learn more about the benefits of an annual premium audit.

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