Beyond the Core Markets

In addition to our target markets, Amerisure offers coverage for additional industries. Click below on any industry of interest for more information.
The Amerisure Programs (AMP) team is eager to explore existing or emerging programs, with typically more difficult-to-place exposures.




Wholesale & Distribution

Other Industries

Solutions for Other Industries

Gas & Welding

A program through our partnership with The Horton Group, Inc.

Security Guard & Alarm Installation

A program through our partnership with Venture Agency Holdings, Inc.

Tow Operators

A program through our partnership with Kapnick & Company, Inc.

Condominium Association

A program through our partnership with Arden Insurance Services, LLC

Our Services


In every interaction, we are focused on delivering a best-in-class insurance experience. Explore our return-to-work programs and services for employees.

Risk Management

Our experts provide customized plans to improve operations and reduce risk, including opportunities in cutting-edge technology and leading indicators.

Fraud Prevention

Our experienced fraud investigators use the latest technology and fact-finding techniques to detect, deter, and prosecute insurance fraud for policyholders.

Annual Premium Audit

We help establish the appropriate premium for your business through a comprehensive assessment, ensuring the premium you pay for coverage accurately reflects your business operations.

Find an Agency

Only the best agencies — industry experts that have proven success in the marketplace and uphold the values of our partnership — represent Amerisure.