Powerful Partnerships

At the center of Amerisure’s strategy are our customers – an exclusive network of elite independent agents. Our One Partnership at a Time approach allows for mutual success with a wide range of agency sizes and structures.

Mutual Success.

Agencies are carefully selected for multi-tiered agency program based on their expertise in our target market segments, commitment to value-based consultation, and reputation in the marketplace. 

This limited-distribution model affords us the opportunity to deliver superior service that is unmatched in the marketplace. It allows for establishing strong relationships with each agency and enables us to be a highly responsive, trusted partner.

Tier Based Program

The program rewards profitable relationships with industry-leading benefits.

Partners For Success®

Partner with Us
As customers of Amerisure, PFS agencies have access to customizable benefits and resources to support their business development activities. We provide them with world-class service, and the specialized products and solutions needed to develop long-term policyholder relationships, grow profitably, and together with us, achieve mutual success.

Program Benefits

Includes compensation plans, profit sharing, and various incentives and opportunities for growth bonuses
Leadership reviews, conferences and forums, and market protection from future appointments
Technology & Innovation
Access to and usage of technologies used by Amerisure Services, plus innovation learning opportunities

Enterprise Agency Partners

Enterprise partnerships recognize an organizational commitment to profitable growth across the partner’s organization. As agencies become larger and more complex at an accelerating pace, we are prepared and energized to take on new opportunities that support profitable growth.
Partner with Us

Agent Resources

Agency Services

Provides the strategic and operational solutions that meet the critical needs of our Partners For Success® agencies, including professional services and leadership training.
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Amerisure’s Appetite

Amerisure’s underwriting and risk capacity and preferences – better known as our target appetite.
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Our Customer Portal

Agencies and policyholders interface seamlessly and instantly with our online customer portal, SureConnect®. Claim and risk management information, loss runs, marketing materials, training content and more are easily accessible through our portal. SureConnect® ensures you have access to what you need, when you need it.
Claim and risk management information
Marketing materials
Training content
Additional resources