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Workers’ Compensation

Insurance that provides benefits to employees with
work-related injuries

Loss Sensitive

Customized, creative and flexible loss-funding
coverage solutions

Commercial Property

Insurance coverage to protect your commercial

Inland Marine

Unique coverages for products and materials while they
are transported

Coverage Package:

Command Coverage for Healthcare®

Amerisure COMMAND Coverage® offers comprehensive protection for your healthcare property coverage needs, including:

  • Mechanical breakdown on processing equipment
  • Broad computer coverage
  • Money order and counterfeit paper currency cover
  • Utility services
  • Patient/resident personal effects
  • Patient/resident money, security
  • Emergency evacuation response
  • Radioactive contamination

COMMAND also offers the flexibility to increase limits or add coverages.

Observational Safety Program

Patient & Resident Handling

Amerisure developed the Observational Safety Program to specifically target the primary frequency and claims severity drivers that can financially impact your organization. Our goal is to provide you with a focused and effective program that enhances your ability to recognize, and then prevent, specific types of losses before the accident occurs.

The Observational Safety Program builds on proven techniques, technical data and loss prevention strategies from a variety of effective safety tactics. This program focuses your loss reduction efforts on predictable behaviors and conditions. These focused efforts, paired with your strong management commitment and return to work programs, can result in loss reduction and overall claim cost control.

Contact your risk management consultant to assist you in beginning the process.

Risk Management for Healthcare

As risk management practices and the regulatory landscape continue to shift, risk management in the healthcare industry plays an increasingly crucial role. Amerisure works closely with our agency customers and healthcare policyholders to develop and implement strategies to support safe work environments and minimize risk exposures.

Our risk management consultants can help your healthcare team proactively assess and problem-solve to mitigate the top risks related to healthcare, including equipment liability, financial losses, regulatory mandates, and physical hazards.

We’re committed to providing healthcare professionals with exceptional risk management services:

Observational Safety Program
Accident Investigation
Patient/Resident Handling including Combative Handling
Ergonomics Programs
Lifting Team Support
Training to Prevent Slips and Falls
Safety Committee Establishment
Healthcare Facility Scorecard
Employee Hiring Practices

Market Benchmarking & Analysis

Through our SureConnect™ platform, policyholders have direct access to a powerful benchmarking tool that compares your company’s performance to others in the industry (by market segment or SIC code). Data and analytics capabilities within the platform can also provide trends on loss performance to allow you to prioritize your areas of focus.

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In every interaction, we are focused on delivering a best-in-class insurance experience. Explore our return-to-work programs and services for employees.

Risk Management

Our experts provide customized plans to improve operations and reduce risk, including opportunities in cutting-edge technology and leading indicators.

Fraud Prevention

Our experienced fraud investigators use the latest technology and fact-finding techniques to detect, deter, and prosecute insurance fraud for policyholders.

Annual Premium Audit

We help establish the appropriate premium for your business through a comprehensive assessment, ensuring the premium you pay for coverage accurately reflects your business operations.

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