Our partnerships are strategically focused on those independent agencies who deliver industry-leading commercial insurance solutions, and who know and value our products and culture.
11 July, 2022
Security Guard & Alarm Installation - SureConnect
SureConnect is Amerisure’s easy-to-navigate digital service platform, designed to provide policyholders instant access to information about their account. Secured by multi-factor authentication, the web-based portal delivers numerous benefits through a convenient dashboard. Click to read more!
11 July, 2022
AMP Venture Agency Security and Alarm Program
Click here to learn about Amerisure Programs' Security and Alarm program.
30 December, 2021
SafetyConnect 2021, Vol. 4
D&D Building Sees Benefits of Commercial Fleet Usage-Based Insurance Program D&D Building in Grand Rapids, Michigan, began its journey in 1968 as a maintenance company. Since then, the organization has evolved to employ over 120 workers and execute on Midwestern...
30 November, 2021
Safety Bulletin: Winter Weather & Property Risk
With winter comes freezing temperatures, strong winds, hail, ice, freezing rain and snow. Preparing for severe winter weather is essential to preventing property damage and business interruption. Winter weather can cause damage to roofs, pipes and heating systems. Excessive snow...
30 August, 2021
Fall Prevention Systems: Lessons Learned
One of the best ways to prevent a future safety incident is to learn from the past. Download this "lessons learned" document to learn from three separate construction falls.
30 July, 2021
Virtual Reality Immersive Training
Amerisure’s virtual reality training creates a realistic, exciting environment to bring employees into critical safety moments to learn and experience without risk. Users can augment classroom training with powerful scenarios and experience the consequences of safety choices.  
30 June, 2021
SafetyConnect 2021, Vol. 2
Michigan Commercial Auto Policyholders: Take Advantage of Usage-Based Insurance Policyholders who have a fleet renewal coming up in Michigan will want to talk with their Partners For Success® agency about how Amerisure’s Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) can help reduce premium costs...
30 May, 2021
Safety Bulletin: Extreme Heat
Extreme HeatHeat is the #1 weather-related killer in the US, resulting in more fatalities each year than floods, lightning, tornadoes and hurricanes combined.Share this with your employees to provide training and help prevent heat stress.Descargar en Español: Consejos De Seguridad...
30 March, 2021
Demonstrating Management Commitment to Safety
Does your company have a commitment to safety? Is this commitment stronger than just saying safety is your first priority? Full management commitment to keeping workers safe, through words and actions, is critical for establishing and maintaining a positive safety...
30 January, 2021
Fleet Safety: The Right To Go First
Not everyone can go first. Sometimes the right thing to do is yield the right of way. Learn about four typical accident situations and how to avoid them. Download, print and share these tips to Avoid Accidents by Yielding the...
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