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Our collaborative teams deliver efficient, high-quality service that helps to manage risk, protect your business and resolve issues quickly. Reach a service professional to answer your questions on our products and services or support you with submitting a claim.

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We partner with an elite group of agencies with specific industry expertise. Our Partners For Success® share our values and operate with a standard of excellence that qualifies them to be an Amerisure partner. Click here to locate a Partners For Success® agency.

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Access claim and loss control information, marketing materials, training content and more seamlessly and instantly through SureConnect®, our online customer portal. SureConnect® ensures you have access to what you need, when you need it.

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To locate a participating physician or hospital, you can click the button below. The provider site is also accessible on SureConnect® by going to “Resources” then “Medical Provider Lookup”.

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For more than 100 years, Amerisure has protected America’s manufacturing, healthcare and construction businesses with comprehensive property and casualty insurance. Our specialized products are tailored to meet the coverage needs of your business.

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Whether mitigating your company’s risk, providing comprehensive insurance products and solutions, or reducing claim costs, our goal is always to deliver unparalleled services to our agency customers and policyholders.

What policyholders say about us

“I value the personal attention, hands-on expertise and knowledge.”

Construction Policyholder on Amerisure’s Risk Management Service

“Amerisure is always there when I need them.”

Construction Policyholder on Amerisure’s Claim Service

“Communication is really good. The urgency is there. They do not delay on anything.”

Healthcare Policyholder on Amerisure’s Claim Service

“A relationship of mutual respect which lends to honest, open dialogue and feedback that flows both ways.”

Platinum Partners For Success® Agency

“I love the extra mile that Amerisure team members will travel to help out.”

Partners For Success® Agency

“The experience and the adjuster were both fantastic, accurate and fast at solving the issue.”

Cold Storage Manufacturing Policyholder on Amerisure’s Claim Service

“Our relationship with Amerisure enables us to assist our customers with superb products and solutions.”

Diamond Partners For Success® Agency

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Only the best agencies — industry experts that have proven success in the marketplace and uphold the values of our partnership — represent Amerisure.