Compensation Policy

How Amerisure Compensates Its Independent Insurance Agencies

Amerisure Mutual Insurance Company and its affiliated companies, Amerisure Insurance Company and Amerisure Partners Insurance Company, (each a stock insurer and collectively referred to as “Amerisure”), sell property casualty insurance products and services through independent insurance agencies. Amerisure compensates its agencies for the Amerisure insurance policies they sell. Compensation paid is designed to encourage the sale of Amerisure policies to the agencies’ best policyholders. Amerisure agencies may be compensated through one or more methods as explained below.


Agencies are paid a base commission for the sale of Amerisure insurance policies to their customers. Base commission is generally a fixed percentage of the policy premium. The percentage varies depending upon the line of business written (workers’ compensation, general liability, commercial auto, etc.,) and whether the policy is new or a renewal.


In addition to base commission, agencies may be eligible for an incentive commission based on one or more factors. Incentive commission may be based upon the overall profitability of all of the Amerisure insurance policies sold by the agency, or on the amount of new or renewal premium placed with Amerisure during a calendar year. Incentive commission is generally based upon the agency’s ability to meet certain production, growth, profitability, or other performance objectives established by Amerisure for the year. As a result, the exact amount of incentive commission cannot be determined until after the close of that year.


Amerisure may assist its agencies by reimbursing them for other business expenses, including but not limited to, marketing, advertising, training expenses, lead generation services, and other services that support the business objectives of the agency and may also promote Amerisure and its products.

Amerisure agencies may also be provided with other forms of compensation, such as attendance at business conferences, meetings, social, cultural and sporting events, including meals, accommodations and transportation.

Some of Amerisure’s agencies may also charge their customers a fee for the services provided to those customers by the agency. These fees are not part of the premium Amerisure charges or collects. Such fees are compensation paid by the customer in addition to the compensation the agency receives from Amerisure.

For more specific information about how your agency is compensated by Amerisure, please contact your independent insurance agent, or Amerisure’s Vice President of Agency Programs.