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Our risk management team collaborates with you to analyze your potential risks and deliver customized and innovative solutions that help ensure your company is a safe workplace while simultaneously supporting your operational business goals.


Risk Management

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When it Comes to Superior Risk Management Service, We Deliver.

Trusted Consultants

Our risk management team is here to develop a wide range of customized prevention programs and solutions to fit the unique needs of each business.

Deep Industry Knowledge

We take a results-oriented approach, utilizing deep industry knowledge from our experts who provide informed consultation for potential loss exposures.

Customized Services

We strive to truly understand your company’s unique risk characteristics to create innovative and industry-leading solutions that support your needs.

Risk Management Technologies

Emerging technologies can support your risk management efforts and prepare your company for future success. The risk management team at Amerisure is leading the insurance industry with technology-based programs and applications that enhance operations and assist in controlling losses.

We work alongside our agency customers and policyholders to pilot, evaluate and collaborate on emerging opportunities. Our team analyzes your workplace and provides workable hazard control recommendations and technologies that support your business.

We have piloted and launched several technologies in healthcare, manufacturing and construction. Cutting-edge technologies available to your business may include:

Connected Wearables & Apps

Devices that are belt-mounted, upper arm, or include phone applications are used by workers while performing their jobs. The devices provide real-time feedback on movements, posture, location and biomechanics. The software generates data to help adjust unsafe movements, reducing ergonomic-related injuries.


Amerisure’s driver behavior-based commercial fleet insurance program provides real-time vehicle and operator information to help improve behaviors, minimize expenses and control loss severity. A simple electronic device installed in the vehicle delivers comprehensive reporting on factors such as location, speed, acceleration, braking, cornering and environmental conditions.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality training reinforces classroom learning and engages users with memorable content experienced in a safe setting. This immersive experience helps to minimize disruption to work while improving lesson retention, with cloud-based courses that can include fall prevention and ladder safety. Ask your consultant about our current VR pilot.

Technology evolves at a rapid rate. Contact your Amerisure risk management consultant to explore the latest technological opportunities to improve your business operations.

Training Programs

In-person occupational safety and health training programs can help reduce injuries and illnesses at work by identifying and addressing potential hazards.

Construction Leadership

Module-based leadership series for day-to-day supervisors, with courses such as project safety pre-planning, managing the cost of risk, quality and site-specific safety plans.

Managing Your Claims

Course teaches those responsible for claims reporting, handling, and management, including accident prevention methods before the claim occurs to proper procedures through the lifecycle of the claim, return to work claims, the cost of accidents, managing the cost of risk and experience ratings.

OSHA 10-Hour Training

Amerisure’s authorized OSHA outreach trainers conduct on-site classes for supervisors and key subcontractors, including safety and health principles to help meet OSHA requirements.

Competent Person Training

Risk management consultants help identify safety and health principles to meet OSHA requirements. Designed for foremen, supervisors, managers or safety directors, training includes competent person fall protection, excavation and scaffolding safety.

Jobsite Hazard Analysis Training

Teaches key safety personnel how to identify jobsite hazards by breaking jobs down into tasks and formulating solutions to help protect employees responsible for those tasks.

Video Resources

The online system offers over 300 interactive, multimedia training courses. Seamlessly schedule training for your employees and track training progress.

Toolbox Talks: Access to Amerisure’s extensive library of toolbox talks (English and Spanish) to complement your company’s safety training efforts.

Evolved Safety™ Videos: Environmental, health and safety training programs via streaming services or DVDs to help reduce accidents and remain in compliance. Discounted OSHA 30-hour training available.

Survey & Assessments

Organizational Safety Culture Survey

The Organizational Safety Culture Survey is a distinctive Amerisure tool that solicits confidential, anonymous feedback from your employees and analyzes the safety culture that currently exists within your organization.

Benefits Include:

Identifying your areas of strong safety culture
Obtaining feedback for areas in need of improvement
Establishing a prioritized action plan to address improvement areas
Benchmarking your organizational progress
Proactively mitigating your identified hazards

Hogan Behavioral Safety Assessment

Employees may engage in risky, unsafe behavior at work due to several reasons. To assist in the identification of risks, Amerisure offers the Hogan Behavioral Safety Assessment as a resource.

Hogan has studied unsafe work behavior since the 1970s. Hogan’s SafeSystem™ is built on the Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI), the industry standard for predicting job performance, and is the foundation for thousands of programs around the world.

This research has identified six distinct themes underlying unsafe work behavior and shows that unsafe behaviors can be assessed using psychometrically validated measures. The assessment consists of 206 items and has an average completion time of just 15 minutes. The resulting Safety Report includes a graphic representation of relative strengths and challenges for each employee.

Observational Safety Programs

Ladders, Manual Material Handling, Fall Protection, Scaffolding, Stairways

Amerisure developed the Observational Safety Program to specifically target the primary frequency and claims severity drivers that can financially impact your organization. Our goal is to provide you with a focused and effective program that enhances your ability to recognize, and then prevent, specific types of losses before the accident occurs.

The Observational Safety Program builds on proven techniques, technical data and loss prevention strategies from a variety of effective safety tactics. This program focuses your loss reduction efforts on predictable behaviors and conditions. These focused efforts, paired with your strong management commitment and return to work programs, can result in loss reduction and overall claim cost control. Contact your risk management consultant to assist you in beginning the process.

Virtual Access to Amerisure’s Industry-Leading Experts

WebRM brings you closer to our industry-leading experts, bolstering our One Amerisure promise to provide a service experience that not only exceeds that of our competition but is unique to any other risk management service out there. With WebRM, which policyholders access through SureConnect®, you can schedule a video chat, a mini consultation, and connect with one of our experts when and where it’s convenient for you. Submit questions from a computer, tablet, or cell phone and receive a response from a subject matter expert within 48 hours.

Market Benchmarking & Analysis

Through our SureConnect® platform, policyholders have direct access to a powerful benchmarking tool that compares your company’s performance to others in the industry (by market segment or SIC code).

Data and analytics capabilities within the platform can also provide trends on loss performance to allow you to prioritize your areas of focus.

Risk Management Expertise Specialists

Our Risk Management Expertise Specialists provide focused support for agency and policyholder needs. The specialists serve as subject matter experts in their designated areas, including construction quality, heavy construction, commercial fleet, property, and healthcare. They provide credible knowledge and serve as an informed consultant, staying up to date with industry best practices.

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