Amerisure Benefits to Take Advantage of on National Insurance Day

June 28, 2019

June 28 — the day Queen Victoria was coroneted to the throne of the United Kingdom, six days before Independence Day, and National Insurance Awareness Day.

When Benjamin Franklin created America’s first insurance company — Philadelphia Contributionship — he probably didn’t expect that by the 21st century, once a year social media platforms would be flooded with #NationalInsuranceAwarenessDay but alas, they are.

Although National Insurance Awareness Day’s origin is unknown, the holiday is a not-so-subtle reminder to check out your current coverage and ensure that it stays up to date to your current needs.

While reviewing coverage, double-check your business’ insurance too. As your business grows and changes, so does its insurance needs. If you’ve experienced changes recently, consider adding an extension to one of Amerisure’s customizable products like the Contractors Advantage Program® or Manufacturers Advantage Program®.

When businesses have high risks rates, like in manufacturing and construction, it’s important to protect property and workers in the event something goes wrong. In this vein, Amerisure offers coverage including, but not limited to: general liability; commercial auto; and commercial umbrella.

Beyond making sure our policyholders are properly covered, our strong focus in safety and training helps prevent losses from happening. Our partners are able to take advantage of our observational based safety program with free training costs and zero additional consultation fees.

Amerisure’s risk management experts are customer-focused and work with partners to make sure their risk management coverage supports their business and goals. This unique consultative approach helps your business operate at peak efficiency and safety.

This #NationalInsuranceDay, celebrate by speaking with an Amerisure agency to ensure your coverage is up to date!

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