The Best Apps for Construction Productivity

July 9, 2019

A jobsite has numerous moving parts, and keeping the project on-task takes plenty of coordination. New technologies have the ability to streamline processes, enhance organizational capabilities and mobilize administrative tasks. Check out some of the coolest apps below:

PlanGrid, iOS, Android
This app allows for the upload of construction drawings to a mobile device. Annotations can be added to photos, and drawings can be synced with the office, engineers, jobsite and others. The app is free, but there is a fee to upload drawings.

Construction Master 5, iOS, Android
Have access to a Construction Master 5 calculator directly from your phone. For $19.99, which is much less than the actual handheld device, you can streamline the number of devices to be carried on the job.

Construction Superintendent (Journeyman), iOS for iPad
This app streamlines the process of gathering and reporting critical construction project information. It provides a comprehensive set of site management forms and administrative support tools. The $99 version also includes documentation of safety inspections.

Catch, Android
A multi-resource program that includes a voice recorder, pictures, documents, etc. Allows the user to create a stream of information related to the project.

Printer Pro Lite, iOS
This app allows for easy, wireless printing from your cellular device. The app finds all wireless printers in a certain radius, and allows for easy pairing. You can select options to print specific pages or multiple copies.