The Best Work Boots for Job Site Safety

November 4, 2014

Work boots come in all shapes and sizes, which can make sorting through the choices a tougher challenge. Given the importance of proper footwear on the job, picking the right option is critical to your safety.

So then, how can you tell which boots are right for you? For starters, you need to assess your work environment. Think about the tasks you complete on a daily basis and the locations where you operate. Then, consider all the different options for boots, from steel toes to different materials and style. Your day-to-day job will directly impact the type of boot you choose.

To help you decide the best work boot for your on-the-job safety, gathered reviews from across the country to compile a comprehensive list.

Here are a few options that are popular today:

1. Timberland
Many workers are turning to the Timberland PRO Men's Pitboss 6″ Steel-Toe Boots for their days on the job. This option is both comfortable and incredibly safe, with the protective steel toe keeping your feet out of harm's way. This boot is also well-made, so it will hold up to tough days on the work site.

2. Red Wing
The Red Wing Heritage Men's Classic 6″ Moc-Toe Work Boots are another smart choice for workers, according to Positives to this style include comfort and longevity. Red Wings are sturdy boots that will last and are ideal for construction workers around the country. Negatives include price, with Red Wings often going for as much as $300, but the quality is high.

3. Wolverine
If you're looking for safety but don't want to spend a lot of money, then the Wolverine Men's Corsair 6″ Work Boots might be right for you. A pair will cost between $70 and $160, but they still provide durability and versatility. These leather boots are great for a variety of jobs and have been known to last for years.

4. Carolina
While many work boots are geared toward men, women aren't forgotten. recommended Carolina Women's Work Logger Boots as a sound option today. These tough boots are comfortable for many people, but they still keep moisture out and offer a steel toe for improved on-the-job safety. 

These four choices combine the best of safety with style and comfort. For workers across the country, making the right decision when it comes to footwear can make a big difference on the job.