Navigating Change with Nic Gaither: Shaping Tomorrow’s Workplace, Today

January 17, 2024

As we embark on a new year, Amerisure proudly announces that Nic Gaither, Workers’ Compensation Unit Manager, is the 2024 Co-Chair of the Rising Insurance Star Executives (RISE®) Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee. Just last Summer, Nic was the first-ever recipient of the LEAD Award presented by RISE. Nic’s background brings more than 25 years of claims experience, but also a profound personal commitment to fostering a more inclusive workplace. You can learn more about his professional journey in our spotlight video here.

Nic’s journey with DEI is rooted in personal experience. He shares:

“I’ve experienced that feeling of exclusion: others not wanting me in the room, not wanting me to hold the positions that I’ve held, not wanting me on their team and not respecting me for what I know and can do. That type of hurt stays with you as a constant reminder that change is needed. I had to force individuals to see me, hear me, and respect me.”

His vision for the committee is clear: “I want to introduce the younger generation to a more multicultural industry where they can thrive. DEI is not just for marginalized groups anymore; it is for everyone. That’s a message that I hope this committee can convey to others.”

Nic also emphasizes the importance of spreading knowledge about DEI and fostering understanding both in the workplace and beyond. “My fear is that people are having DEI fatigue right now. By joining our DEI committee, others will see that the fight lives on,” he explains.

In terms of exciting initiatives planned for the year, he is looking forward to returning to the RISE Leadership Summit & Awards Gala. He envisions creating a truly positive impact in the lives of others, and his leadership embodies a drive to ensure that DEI is not just a trend, but a transformative cultural shift. The stage is set for Nic to leave an indelible mark on the collective initiative to realize a workplace that stands as a beacon of inclusion.

Learn more about how to become involved in RISE at: