Amerisure Internships: Inspired by Growth, Fueled by Passion

August 29, 2018

When Rob Schrage walked into Amerisure’s Tampa Core Service Center (CSC) for his first day of work, he knew his summer internship would be anything but ordinary.

Rob, a rising senior at Florida State University (FSU), was instantly greeted by Amerisure risk management and underwriting employees. He noted their openness and willingness to show him around the office. Similarly, they noted his professionalism and eagerness to learn. Over the course of the summer, Rob experienced underwriting firsthand. Check out some of his most memorable internship moments below:

How did you find your internship with Amerisure?
I found my internship through the FSU College of Business. They work with Amerisure to recruit students for internships at Amerisure’s Tampa CSC. There are many other colleges that have similar partnerships with Amerisure. After I found out about the position, I used Amerisure’s LinkedIn page to learn more and apply.

What was the most exciting part of your internship?
Building a relationship with Amerisure’s Partners For Success® agencies was really cool. Every agency is a priority, but that doesn’t mean they’re all treated the same. I learned how to personalize my interactions with agencies, and that the commitment to treating each agency in the way that’s most beneficial to them, is very valuable. It’s the reason so many agencies want to partner with Amerisure.

What markets did you work in?
I got to work in lots of markets. I was very appreciative of Amerisure’s commitment to giving me experience in all of its product lines. I worked mostly in commercial automobile, construction, general lines, loss sensitive, special risk and workers’ compensation.

Were you exposed to any new programs during your time at Amerisure?
During my internship, I got a preview of Amerisure’s new adaptable underwriter workbench. I also helped write and quote numerous large deductible accounts. This gave me exposure to Amerisure’s special risk applications. I think the efficiency these programs provide to marketing underwriters is valuable.

Which of Amerisure’s values do you feel is most applicable to your internship?
I think collaboration best describes my time at Amerisure. Even on my first day, I noticed a huge emphasis on collaboration both internally and externally. My coworkers were always involving me in projects, working together to meet deadlines, and giving each other praise for their commitment to delivering quality work. Externally, we involved the agency in decision-making processes and always collaborated with them to deliver the best possible solution to policyholders.

To learn more about Amerisure’s open internship positions, visit our LinkedIn page or contact Christa Ryland, senior talent acquisition specialist.

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