Risk Management Rising Star Takes Center Stage with Business Leadership Award

March 12, 2024

In a recent ceremony at the 2024 Emerging Leaders Conference organized by the American Property Casualty Insurance Association (APCIA) in San Antonio, Texas, Risk Management Manager, Enjonli Hutchison, received the esteemed Business Leadership Award. This accolade, bestowed upon individuals demonstrating exceptional talent in the insurance sector, recognizes Enjonli’s outstanding contributions and impactful work throughout the year.

The Emerging Leaders Conference serves as a hub for insights, networking, and resource access, offering a platform for professionals to stay abreast of industry developments. The yearly selection of emerging leaders is designed to recognize outstanding rising talent in the insurance industry; nominees must have more than eight years of experience and demonstrate that they are making a positive impact on their companies and the industry.

Enjonli appreciated the recognition and award, saying: “I am honored to have been able to represent Amerisure Insurance as a 2024 APCIA Emerging Leader and for the recognition as a recipient of the Business Leadership Award. I am appreciative to work for an organization that values and recognizes innovative leadership as well as enables employees to succeed in their roles at this company.”

The Business Leadership Award signifies Hutchison’s strategic expertise and dedication to navigating the complexities of the business landscape within the insurance industry. It is a testament to her visionary leadership and ability to drive excellence.

Marguerite Tortorello, Managing Director of the Insurance Careers Movement, emphasized the significance of the diverse awards, stating, “This year’s winners reflect the innovation and collaboration of the industry’s best and brightest future leaders. The diverse categories of awards also underscore the profound impact these leaders are having across their organizations and communities through their exemplary leadership.”

Hutchison added: “Thank you to my mentors at Amerisure for the encouragement and continued emphasis put on the value of the employees. Thank you to my peers at Amerisure for the collaboration. And a very big thank you to my Dallas and St. Louis Risk Management Teams for the opportunity and trust you give me to lead.”

As a recipient of the Business Leadership Award, Enjonli joins an esteemed cadre of professionals who will not only serve as industry ambassadors but will also actively contribute to expanding career opportunities within the insurance sector. This recognition not only applauds individual achievements but also underscores the industry’s commitment to cultivating and celebrating its most accomplished talents.

To learn more about the APCIA and their efforts, visit: apcia.org.