Steer Clear of Theft: Empower Your Commercial Fleet During National Vehicle Theft Prevention Month

July 18, 2023

Each July, National Vehicle Theft Prevention Month is recognized throughout the United States—a campaign that seeks to raise awareness about vehicle theft and promote proactive strategies to prevent it.

Vehicle theft protection is of paramount importance for commercial fleets, as it can significantly impact operational continuity, employee safety, valuable company assets, and financial bottom lines. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that a motor vehicle was stolen every 32 seconds in 2022, resulting in a loss of $8 billion countrywide.

For policyholders with commercial fleets, the vulnerability of leaving vehicles parked outside heightens the risk of theft. Read on for some tips to assist in reducing the likelihood of vehicle theft and protecting valuable commercial assets.

Protecting Your Commercial Fleets

  • Secure Parking Areas: Encourage employees to park vehicles in well-lit, secure areas, preferably equipped with surveillance cameras. Utilize fenced lots or parking garages whenever possible to deter thieves.
  • Vehicle Tracking Systems: Install GPS tracking systems in commercial fleet vehicles. These systems can help locate stolen vehicles quickly, increasing the chances of recovery.
  • Key Management: Implement strict protocols for key management, ensuring that only authorized personnel have access to vehicle keys. Store keys securely and consider using key control systems.
  • Alarm Systems and Immobilizers: Install reliable alarm systems and immobilizers in commercial fleet vehicles. These security measures can deter thieves and prevent unauthorized access.
  • Employee Training: Educate employees about vehicle theft prevention measures, such as the importance of locking doors, closing windows, and never leaving the engine running while unattended.

It’s always good to look for valuable opportunities to prioritize the safety and security of your vehicles. By implementing effective prevention strategies such as key management, vehicle tracking systems, and employee training, you can significantly reduce the risk of vehicle theft. Contact our risk management team anytime for an array of customized and innovative solutions to help ensure your vehicle—and company remains a safe and successful workplace.