Tech is Tops: Exploring Today’s Industry Trends on Manufacturing Day

October 4, 2023

Manufacturing Day, held the first Friday of October each year by the Manufacturing Institute, highlights the opportunities and challenges within the modern manufacturing world for students, employees and the public. The goal of Manufacturing Day is to inspire the next generation of workers through awareness and education — a notably important focus during the continued skilled labor shortage.

Manufacturers account for nearly 11% of the U.S. economy’s total output, and the industry employs 8.4% of the workforce. Manufacturing remains among the top five largest employment sectors and is key to U.S. contributions, according to the United States Census Bureau. In fact, manufacturing generates approximately $1.4 trillion in manufactured goods being exported each year.

Roles within the sector are evolving as the industry landscape shifts, and the demand for highly skilled workers is rising across industries. Among the most in-demand manufacturing roles are those with a heightened digital skillset, focused in areas such as artificial intelligence and automation. In the next 10 years, four million roles will need to be filled in the sector. If left unfilled, missing manufacturing jobs could cost up to $1 trillion in 2030 alone, according to The Manufacturing Institute.

Leveraging Today’s Insights at Women in Manufacturing

Amerisure’s experts recently engaged with industry leaders and learned more about today’s insights and takeaways by participating as exhibitors during the annual Women in Manufacturing (WiM) Summit.

“It was inspiring to exhibit and support the WiM’s largest conference to date — with 1,700 participants from 324 companies, 42 states and 16 countries — and showcase how Amerisure supports manufacturing through our expertise and service capabilities with our in-person and virtual booths,” said Cindy Slubowski, Amerisure’s Manufacturing, Wholesale and Distribution Market Segment Leader.

In addition to the exhibit booth, Amerisure sponsored the summit’s “First Timers” reception and a 5K run for the Women in Manufacturing Educational Foundation, and company representatives attended the conference’s educational workshops and presentations.

“There were many inspiring and thought-provoking sessions, such as 21st Century Rosies presented by Boeing — the home of the original Rosie —and hearing from trailblazing women who ‘can do it’, and who have found their place to succeed in a male-dominated field,” said Slubowski.

The group learned about the “4.0 manufacturing modernization journey,” an industry concept led by engineers and operations employees to address robotics, automation, virtual models designed to reflect a physical object (also known as digital twins), and digitization in legacy and new manufacturing plants. There were also informative sessions on emotional leadership and steering high-performing teams. 

“The session on globalization was especially fascinating as reshoring and nearshoring are realities we are starting to see and can expect manufacturing to increase in the U.S. and Mexico in the next few years,” said Slubowski.

Protection Forged in Partnership

Amerisure is investing in our products and our people to help protect manufacturing businesses. Learn more about the unique coverage and safety technologies to complement your manufacturing programs, including new products and industry-leading service for more manufacturing businesses.