Amerisure’s Experts Share Insights During National Construction Appreciation Week

September 19, 2023

National Construction Appreciation Week (NCAW), held the third week of September, was founded by I Build America — a movement focused on recognizing the dedicated and diligent men and women working in the construction industry while simultaneously educating the public on the value of construction and inspiring the next generation of skilled laborers. NCAW was created to raise awareness around how vital construction is to American infrastructure and its economy.

The construction industry compromises 4% of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) and approximately eight million people work in the sector, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The industry will need an additional 546,000 workers in addition to the normal hiring pace to meet growth demand, according to a proprietary model developed by Associated Builders and Contractors.

Skilled laborer shortages have become a major issue in several construction markets, and retirements will only continue to drain the talent pool. In fact, 41%of the current U.S. construction workforce is expected to retire by 2031

In recognition of this important week, Amerisure’s experts shared their thoughts on today’s construction trends and the importance of worker safety within the sector.

Risk Management

“Many small and mid-market sized construction firms have readily adopted the use of handheld tablets, smartphone applications and software in the field to assist with and streamline documentation-heavy processes, such as permitting, inspections and training. We’ve noticed an uptick in firms using safety-specific software to assist with, as an example, completing inspections and aggregating data for trend analysis and utilizing the software capability to ensure items are tracked, completed and used as performance indicators.”

Sean Yakicic, risk management expertise specialist

“Companies with a strong management commitment will always emphasize employee safety as part of their daily responsibilities,” said Terry. “This could be summarized by having the following priorities as their overall focus: safety, work quality, and production. “Without having employee safety as the number one goal, the other two items will not be accomplished effectively.”

Terry Hultman, risk management expertise specialist

“From what we’ve heard, today’s construction policyholders are keeping an eye out for qualified skilled labor shortages, commercial auto accidents, an increase in the age of the average worker, increasing, lagging home construction, consolidation, and material shortages.”

Todd Bernardoni, risk management expertise specialist

Field Marketing & Underwriting

“Prefabrication and modular construction are continuing trends across the construction industry and provide substantial efficiencies including high and consistent quality, reduced construction timelines, and increased project safety. These methods further reduce another considerable problem for owners and contractors by minimizing and recycling leftover materials to create a more sustainable construction project.”

Troy Dohmeyer, construction market segment director

“With years of underwriting expertise in the construction trades, we can offer risk management solutions, competitive products, and coverage enhancements to compete in the marketplace.”

Ken Munson, marketing underwriting specialist

“From what we’re seeing in the field, our construction policyholders are most excited about stable backlogs from continued high-demand in most industry sectors, advancements in technology helping to improve areas ranging from construction material supply chain to higher quality construction products and improved workplace safety, and the importance of building strong relationships with Risk Management partners to improve employee safety and higher employee retention.”

John Calloway, field underwriting director


In-person occupational safety and health training programs can help reduce injuries and illnesses at work by identifying and addressing potential hazards. Amerisure’s module-based construction leadership series for day-to-day supervisors provides courses such as project safety pre-planning, managing the cost of risk, quality and site-specific safety plans. Contact your Amerisure risk management consultant to learn more and enroll your team today.