Protecting What Matters During National Safety Month

June 1, 2023

National Safety Month is an annual observance sponsored by the National Safety Council (NSC) during the month of June that aims to raise awareness about the importance of safety in various aspects of our lives. From workplace hazards to personal well-being, this monthlong campaign encourages individuals and organizations to prioritize safety as a core value.

Preventable injuries, commonly known as “accidents,” are the fourth leading cause of death in the United States, with more than 224,000 deaths occurring in 2021. Join us in observing National Safety Month as we work together to highlight the leading causes of preventable injury and death in order to create healthier, safer environments at home and in the workplace.

Promoting Safety in the Workplace

This year, the following weekly topics will be highlighted during National Safety Month:

Week 1 – Emergency Preparedness: By prioritizing workplace safety, employers can stay prepared and create a positive and productive environment for their employees. This includes implementing robust safety protocols, providing proper training, and maintaining equipment. Organizations can also use this month to review safety policies, conduct risk assessments, and engage employees in safety initiatives to ensure a safer work environment for everyone.

Week 2 – Slips, Trips, and Falls: It may come as a surprise that the third leading cause of unintentional injury-related death is falls. In 2021, 44,486 people died in falls at home and at work, according to Injury Facts. For working adults, depending on the industry, falls can be the leading cause of death. Whether working from a ladder, roof or scaffolding, it’s important for employers to plan ahead, assess the risks and be sure to use proper, well-maintained equipment. Observational safety programs can also help to reduce the risk of falls at work.

Week 3 – Heat-Related Illness: Every year, thousands become sick from occupational heat exposure and, in some cases, these injuries can be fatal. To avoid hazardous heat exposure, employees should:

  • Consume adequate fluids (water and sport drinks)
  • Work shorter shifts or split shifts
  • Take frequent breaks
  • Quickly identify any heat illness symptoms
  • Wear proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

Week 4 – Hazard Recognition: Even in familiar surroundings, employers need to be looking for dangers in the workplace. Keeping an eye out for hazards and performing routine building safety measures can help organizations identify and avoid them before an injury occurs.

Moving Forward

As a leading provider of property and casualty insurance, Amerisure aligns with the principles of National Safety Month by offering comprehensive risk management solutions and insurance products tailored to specific industry needs—all of which enhance workplace safety, minimize potential losses, and protect your bottom line. This month serves as a reminder that investing in safety is not just a legal obligation, but a responsible choice that benefits everyone involved.