Insurance Expertise Not Required

May 1, 2018

Calling all professionals! Have you considered a career in the insurance industry? Insurance companies need more than insurance experts to keep everything running smoothly — they also need accountants, marketers, information technology professionals and more. Some of Amerisure’s exceptional employees in non-insurance roles are sharing what they love about working in the industry. Read on to learn more.

Brendan WelshHeadshots-Brendan-(1).png
Manager, Business Process and Portfolio Management

There is often a negative connotation associated with the insurance industry such that it is “boring” with “little action.”  Working within the Business Process and Portfolio Management (BPMO) Department certainly highlights the opposite. Our team is comprised of process and project management experts that are depended on to guide the organization from ideation through implementation utilizing a toolbox of business process improvement techniques as well as a thorough, structured project management methodology to help accomplish a wide array of goals. The BPMO experience is one that is fast paced and constantly changing. We work with every department in the company, and we provide a service that helps advance the strategic direction of the organization.

Cari ZinnHeadshots-Cari.png
Marketing Communications Specialist

One great thing about working in an industry that isn’t part of your basic skill set is how much you learn about new things. Amerisure has a field team of claims professionals, risk management consultants and underwriters who work together to deliver superior service and bring new policyholders on board. It’s been fascinating for me to learn how these professionals utilize their own varied skill sets and come together to turn them into one single solution that meets our clients’ needs. I’ve also learned about a variety of insurance terms or products that I’ve never heard about before working here, such as reinsurance and group captives. Coming to work truly has been an education.

Doug PontiousHeadshots-Doug.png
Director, Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence

As insurance companies continue to transform their products and services to meet their evolving customer expectations, Information Technology (IT) has taken on a much more important role. Digital innovation is no longer considered a competitive advantage, it is now a strategic requirement. Amerisure provides many exciting technology and information-based opportunities within its rich IT project portfolio. Accelerating our digital transformation and enhancing our advanced analytics capabilities are just two of the many excellent examples in which the Amerisure IT team can contribute immensely to the success of our business partners. In return, working closely with our business teams provides a very interesting spillover benefit of constant opportunity to learn more about one of the most sophisticated business models widely used across the financial services industry. 

Lily ZhangHeadshots-JaneDoe.png
Manager, Data Governance and Bureau Reporting

The insurance industry is a great sector for data governance professionals because of the sheer amount of data that passes through. I recognized the importance of data accuracy and support of data governance in the insurance industry because it’s an industry that relies heavily on data analysis for accurate decision making. Each day, I am exposed to data from different facets of an insurance company, like Claims, Credit, Actuarial and Underwriting, which enables me to build on my knowledge base that would not be available in other industries. My career as a data governance professional in the insurance industry is impactful, because it promotes more clarity through standard defined business terms; especially in an industry where there is so much technical jargon.

Tina Marie WohlfieldHeadshots-Wihfield.png
Senior Human Resources Consultant

It is incredibly rewarding to be a human resources (HR) consultant in the insurance industry because each day, I get to see how the service I provide directly benefits our customers. My role allows me to work closely with internal business partners at Amerisure. I am able to see the value of my work and how our employee-focused initiatives impact our agents and policyholders. Careers in HR have a focus on culture and building a sense of community, but the insurance industry offers a unique perspective in that it is heavily focused on servicing the needs of customers. I am surrounded by professionals who are known for delivering industry leading service to our agencies and policyholders, and it inspires me to provide the same level of service each day. In my role, I truly find purpose in helping others, and teaching the importance of empathy.
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