Amerisure Signs National Safety Council Pledge to Help Prevent Musculoskeletal Workplace Injuries

August 4, 2022

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Farmington Hills, Mich., Aug. 4 2022 — Amerisure has pledged its support to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) by signing the National Safety Council’s MSD Pledge. The company joins a growing community of organizations dedicated to ensuring the health and safety of all employees by preventing the most common workplace injury.

MSD injuries include tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and back strains and sprains. According to the National Safety Council, these injuries are the leading cause of worker disability, early retirement, and limitations to gainful employment. By signing the pledge, Amerisure and several leading companies vow to reduce worker risks by analyzing the cause of MSD injuries, sharing best practices to improve safety, building an organizational culture that values safety, and committing to a reduction of these injuries.

The pledge is an initiative as part of the National Safety Council’s new safety advisory group to help prevent workplace injuries, of which Amerisure is a founding member. Funded by Amazon, the council seeks to address risks associated with ergonomic injuries and drive initiatives to prevent workplace losses by engaging key leaders and stakeholders, leveraging technologies, and implementing prevention solutions.

“It’s an honor to be among an all-star cast of companies who have signed the MSD Pledge and are leading the way in cutting-edge solutions for the prevention of workplace injuries,” said Kevin Clary, Amerisure’s vice president of risk management, premium audit and agency services. “Our participation in the pledge and council is a recognition of our efforts with emerging safety technologies for the benefit of our partner agencies and policyholders and is a testament to our employees’ work on advancing safety in this area.”

Amerisure leads the insurance industry in recognizing and preventing exposures encountered in the workplace, and in implementing safety solutions to mitigate injury-related losses for policyholders in manufacturing, construction and healthcare. The company offers several exclusive solutions to help reduce injuries at work, including an ongoing wearables program to minimize the frequency and severity of ergonomic injury-related claims. Amerisure is also in the discovery phase of a pilot program to adopt and use technology related to exoskeleton structures that can aid in lifting heavy objects for policyholders.


By signing the MSD Pledge, Amerisure receives access to resources to help reduce worker injuries and will participate in the MSD Solutions Index, an aggregate data resource that analyzes the benefits of the pledge and identifies areas for future action. As a safety focus area within Amerisure’s own workforce,
the expertise of workplace consultants is regularly leveraged to conduct ergonomic risk assessments.

Amerisure has met with the safety council during panel discussions and webinars this year to collaborate on safety initiatives and tactics to explore. In addition to the pledge rollout, the council plans to conduct extensive research, host a hackathon to inspire solutions from students, and provide small business grants.

Learn more about the MSD Pledge and the council at the National Safety Council website.


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