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February 2, 2023

Amerisure Employees Continue to Put Their Stamp on the Industry

In the average welding shop, you’ll find combustible gases, bright flashes of light, sparking metal droplets, and temperatures in excess of 6,500 degrees Fahrenheit. This paints a very different picture […]
Falls have now become the leading cause of traumatic spinal cord injuries, according to recent industry research.
Controlling workers compensation insurance costs is on the minds of executives across all types of industries, including health care, construction and manufacturing.
According to a recent survey, more employers plan to invest heavily on corporate wellness incentives as a means to save money in other segments.
When building a long-term strategy for business success, one of the most important factors is a quality training program.
According to recent U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data, the employment outlook for the construction industry - and the country as a whole - has continued to get better as the months progress.
The National Council on Compensation Insurance, a statistical and rating organization for the workers' compensation industry, recently released a report highlighting the positive trends emerging in this sector.
If a TRIA renewal isn't agreed upon by the end of 2014, companies all across the U.S. may soon experience increased workers' compensation insurance costs.
While many positive gains have been reported for nearly all industries, there is still plenty that needs to be done to ensure that overall safety continues to improve.
A strong safety culture can reduce the number of accidents and ensure lower workers compensation insurance costs.
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