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August 5, 2022

Manufacturing Industry Trends: What Successful Companies Are Doing Differently

As the manufacturing industry continues to evolve and more manufacturing production is being brought back to U.S. facilities, many companies are preparing to regain momentum and handle future demands. New […]
In a recent National Safety Council (NSC) survey, over half (52 percent) of employers said employee impairment is decreasing workplace safety. Impairment at work can cause employee delays in thinking and reaction times, increase workplace injuries and errors, and may ultimately...
Commercial property insurance has many benefits to help protect businesses across sizes and trades. Even if your company already has property insurance, it’s helpful to understand the ins and outs of this essential protection.
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) released its preliminary list of the top 10 most frequently cited safety violations at this month’s National Safety Council Congress & Expo, the world’s largest gathering of safety professionals.
As technology continues to advance, cyberattacks are on the rise – and employees in every industry and across functions can benefit from effective cybersecurity practices.
Manufacturing Day, held on the first Friday of October each year, highlights the importance of understanding the opportunities and challenges within the modern manufacturing world for students as well as the public.
Worker fatigue has become more prevalent across industries, and it can be particularly dangerous in industries such as manufacturing where employees are in contact with machinery and equipment. Implementing a fatigue risk management plan can help businesses protect their teams.
Without proper risk mitigation plans in place, confined spaces can pose a serious risk to workers. You can help reduce jobsite injuries in confined spaces by implementing straightforward safety practices. 
​Amerisure will make an impressive showing at the 2021 Claims College this year, with five leaders teaching courses and 17 employees attending to further their professional development.
September marks’s National Preparedness Month, an observance dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of being prepared for disasters and emergencies. Understanding the risks your business may face can help you to assess and develop a comprehensive emergency preparedness...
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